2 Reasons to Consider Becoming an Assistant General Manager at ImageFIRST New York

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jul 8, 2016 5:59:24 PM

Here at ImageFIRST New York, we’re now seeking a high quality professional with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our team as an Assistant General Manager! As a medical linen service provider, we pride ourselves in providing premium goods and services to the medical industry while developing and maintaining long-term business relationships. Below are two of the many reasons to consider becoming an Assistant General Manager at ImageFIRST New York:

  1. We’re a Team

From lab coats and patient gowns, to luxurious linens and scrub uniforms in New York City, here at ImageFIRST New York, we find great joy in working together as a team to help clients provide exceptional care to each and every one of their patients. Through combined efforts, our associates are able to improve the well-being of patients receiving care in healthcare facilities throughout New York City.

Our staff is inspired to make patients feel at ease, since we recognize how important it is for patients to feel as relaxed as possible while care is administered. Since everyone that’s a part of our team is motivated to contribute to a better customer experience, we’re able to provide worry-free service to healthcare facilities and help them to focus on the big picture: delivering exceptional care. By standing alongside other ImageFIRST New York associates, you’ll help to provide a more pleasing experience for all patients throughout the city.

  1. Feel Great About Yourself and Your Career

When you join our team at ImageFIRST New York as an Assistant General Manager, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to display your leadership and customer service skills, all while contributing to a better patient experience.

You’ll certainly find great satisfaction in your ability to assist healthcare facilities in their infection prevention efforts. All of ImageFIRST New York’s linen, bedding, and apparel laundry is sanitized, receives a bacteria-inhibiting softener coating, and then wrapped in plastic. And you’ll also feel good knowing that our team frees up staff from the task of inventory management, allowing them more time to take care of their patients.

When you want to feel great about what you’re doing at work, join our team at ImageFIRST New York, where we help to make patients feel more comfortable and confident about their care. Whether a client is receiving (for example) towels, cubicle curtains, bed & bath linens or medical scrub uniforms in New York City, you’ll feel proud about providing sanitized and comfortable linens. ImageFIRST New York is where great things happen.

If you love a team environment and want to feel great about yourself, ImageFIRST New York is the right workplace for you. Take advantage of the opportunity to become an Assistant General Manager with a progressive linen rental and laundry service provider, and enjoy the many perks of contributing to a better patient experience. Find out more at