Calling All Leaders to Learn About Our Management Trainee Program

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Mar 25, 2016 9:35:44 AM

If you’re currently looking to kick-off or change your career, ask yourself the following questions:

-          Am I community-minded?

-          Do I strive to make meaningful and lasting relationships with friends, customers and cohorts?

-          Do I strive to succeed in every sense of the term?

-          Am I a natural-born leader?


If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then we want to hear from you! In other words, we’re currently looking for folks to enroll in our Management Trainee Program. If you’re itching to get going on a career with a successful company that emphasizes whole values and customer satisfaction, set in a stimulating and fun, yet fast paced environment, then ImageFIRST New York is an ideal company for you to join.


ImageFIRST New York associates are always busy, and we expect our associates to work hard, but in turn we return the favor with our long list of benefits. Take a look at this detailed information about the trainee program, if you think you have what it takes to join us:


The Program

You’ll be trained thoroughly. After orientation, you’ll work closely with a personal mentor to become an expert in production management, service, customer care and finance.


After Training

Once training is completed, you’ll be equipped to take the fast track to a leadership position. Your career path will look something like this:

-          Production or service supervisor ->

-          Production or service manager ->

-          Service director ->

-          Assistant general manager ->

-          General manager


Qualifications for Entry

Keep in mind, this is a selective program, so only a handful of applicants are selected to complete it every year. If you’re considering applying, please have:

-          A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution

-          Two or more years of work experience

-          Full time (40 + hours per week) availability

-          A valid U.S. driver’s license

-          Leadership, writing, communication and organizational skills and experience

-          Willingness to travel and relocate after two years of training, if necessary


Our Benefits

As a leading supplier of medical scrubs in NYC and beyond, we offer a full range of benefits, including:

-          Health, life and supplemental life insurance

-          Long term disability

-          Vacation

-          Employee referral program

-          Paid holidays

-          401K with a company match

-          Tuition reimbursement

-          Associate recognition program

-          Community giving opportunities

-          Company events


Are you still interested? Great! You probably have more questions, though. We interviewed an employee who went through the program. His biography might give you a more detailed grasp for what to expect:


Richard “Tripp” Jones graduated from West Virginia State University in 2009 with a degree in Social Work before applying to join ImageFIRST’s management trainee program. Between leaving college and starting at ImageFIRST, he worked as a habilitation counselor in Rutgers University Hospital’s crisis unit, where he primarily conducted psychiatric screenings.


He interviewed with Jim Kennedy, our Mid Atlantic VP, and gathered from there that he and ImageFIRST shared the same values. After consulting his siblings (both of whom work in healthcare) upon being offered the position, Tripp decided that a career with us seemed like it would be stable and rewarding. We welcomed him aboard in June of 2015.


When he started the training program, Tripp immediately felt like he was being offered all the right tools to develop and grow as a future leader. He described the program as being well rounded, allowing him to be innovative and creative. Tripp especially appreciates that ImageFIRST is a fun environment to work within, and is family oriented. He equates his coworkers to being like family, constantly helping one another out, and treating each other with dignity and respect.

Tripp said that during training, he could count on leaders to help foster his growth and career trajectory, and his plant manager, VP and service director were all inspiring coaches and teachers. They treated his future with the utmost seriousness, and invested time and resources to help Tripp grow.


He says that training and working with ImageFIRST was great because his mistakes were seen as opportunities to learn and grow. He was given the opportunity to lead teams, and possessed meaningful responsibilities. All in all, he genuinely believes that ImageFIRST is truly dedicated to developing world-class leaders.


If you possess all of the above skills, and think an experience like Tripp’s will be right for you, we encourage you to apply for our management trainee program. We look forward to hearing from you! Find out more or sign up at!