Engaging Your Medical Staff: How it Can Improve Patient Perception

Posted by ImageFIRST on Oct 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM

At medical facilities, patients should always be the priority. Recently, the healthcare industry has been developing strategies and making advancements to improve the overall patient experience. Patients are the backbone of every medical practice; so it’s important to keep them as satisfied and comfortable as possible.

At ImageFIRST, a leading provider of medical scrub uniforms in New York City, we offer products and services that allow you to focus less on linen management and more on your patients. We do more than simply deliver linens to medical facilities; we partner you with Customer Advocates that will help you with inventory, billing, and anything else that has to do with managing your linens.

“The Impact of Staff Engagement on Patients”

We strive to help you improve the patient experience at your facility by offering a variety of resources. One of them is our free downloadable document entitled “The Impact of Staff Engagement on Patients” that presents research results and strategies that can help you engage your staff and improve your facility.

The document is available for download on our website at It transcribes an event that we sponsored, which featured a 60-minute presentation, entitled “Is Anybody Listening? The cost of employee engagement to patients and organizations,” by Martie Moore, the chief nursing officer of Medline Industries, Inc.

During the event, Moore presented various research on the topic and discussed how the engagement of nurses specifically has a significant impact on the health of their patients.

This transcript document will allow medical practice leaders to develop effective strategies to engage their staff and, in turn, increase patient satisfaction. If your staff is engaged, the patient will automatically feel more welcome in your facility.

How ImageFIRST Can Help Improve Patient Perception

In a time where patient satisfaction is the most vital puzzle piece for your medical practice, we want you to have all the resources available to finish your puzzle. If your patients aren’t happy, your facility can’t function to its full potential.

At ImageFIRST, our customers and their patients are our focus. With our resources, services, and products, your medical staff won’t have to worry about their linen inventory. This document is just one resource we offer to help you satisfy your patients. We take care of all of it for you to ensure that you and your patients are happy.

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