Patient Perception: How Does Your Medical Facility Stack Up?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Oct 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The quintessential medical facility isn’t exactly the most modern edifice when it comes to interior design. Sure, there are bright colors and maybe a few pieces of art hanging in a hallway, but no one is going to confuse an inpatient facility for an art museum. While some healthcare professionals truly make an art out of their craft, most patients would rather not have to visit the doctor’s office or hospital. They do it because, like so many other things in life, it needs to be done.

But at ImageFIRST New York, we’re fighting to change the public perception of a medical visit. Our healthcare linen services from the Bronx to the Financial District are changing the way patients see the spaces where their health is attended to.

In our featured white paper, “Minor Change: Major Impact: How Patient Gowns and Robes Affect Patient Perception,” we precisely measured the impact that our Comfort Care line has on the way people experience their medical care. Partnering with facilities across the nation, we introduced our premium line of patient gowns to those who were undergoing care. The findings were staggering: A simple replacement resulted in a massive change in patient perception.

The Comfort Care line stands out from other gowns for a few reasons, such as the gowns’ fuller cuts and range of styles, but most important of all, it’s made from a remarkably soft, plush and cozy fabric unlike any other patients have previously worn. When patients are wrapped in a soft, comfortable gown, they will feel much more at home and at ease, even during difficult procedures.

The line of patient gowns carries more than coverage and comfort, however--it also comes with a guarantee. Our Plush Promise guarantees that the Comfort Care line will improve patients’ perception of the facility in which they receive care by at least 50%. If it doesn’t, ImageFIRST will provide one month of free service.

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