Spreading the Love for Our Associates at ImageFIRST New York

Posted by ImageFIRST on Apr 11, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Providing scrubs and uniforms in New York City is something that we are always proud of, but on February 14th, we’re proud of something else too -- our associates and coworkers. Valentine’s Day came and went this year with a little extra fanfare for them in our facilities.

At ImageFIRST New York, we strive to create the best work environment we can. Each and every associate is aware of the impact that their work has on the patient experience and the community. While creating a culture that takes pride in doing meaningful work for our local area, our associates also work to have positive impacts on one another as well.

Our team building events often involve a local charitable organization, one that benefits from our time, labor and donations. Valentine’s Day was a bit different.

This year, the associates at ImageFIRST New York participated in an event we call “Art with the Heart.” The event centered around all of the associates at the facility decorating Valentine’s Day cards, not for their significant others, but for their coworkers. Dozens of cards were posted on the wall in one of the hallways for all associates to view on February 14th. The joy that associates felt from reading the words of encouragement was palpable throughout the holiday.

The Valentine’s Day cards weren’t the only thing that was handmade at ImageFIRST New York on the 14th: Associates got together to spend time baking a homemade birthday cake for the Plant Manager and Service Manager, who were elated to receive it. The cake led to a birthday celebration that everyone enjoyed.

“We believe that prioritizing our associates creates engagement, a strong culture and in turn,remarkable service to our customers.” - Magali Tranié, Director of Marketing at ImageFIRST

ImageFIRST New York continues to create a work environment that values the people inside of it. The company continues to plan and execute quarterly community participation events. To read more about all of the events that ImageFIRST New York takes part in, our processes for ensuring the best possible products or our healthcare laundry services in New Rochelle, NY, visit us online.